Global MCN
The MCN business unit under the company group empowers influencers at different stages of development and helps them grow rapidly by providing comprehensive one-stop solutions such as celebrity training, business development, account incubation, brand communication, and legal consultation for influencers who have settled in. Our MCN has settled on many mainstream online video platforms such as TIKTOK and YouTube, and has built a service matrix for the entire platform. With the expansion of its influencers, the influence of our MCN organization continues to expand.
Infinite Borders

NetEase SLG product "Leading the Land by the Shore"

Account type: official number

"Game animation serial collection"

Take the game's character stand-ups as prototypes, produce an animation serial, and use the popular Shakyam The game's characters were used as prototypes for the animated series, and derivative works were produced using the popular Shakyam.

Data feedback

● Excellent completion of targets and content production during the operation;

● Period of operation: January to October 2019;

● Total number of productions: 110

9 Months

Operation Cycl


Total Number Of Likes


Total Plays

Saints Institute

Wanda Secondary Card Game "Saints Row: Legend of Justice"

Account type: Tri-party number

"Childhood feverish memories"

Through the creation of IP-related content, to heat up IP fever and awaken childhood feverish memories of IP users before the public beta

Data feedback

● During the operation period, we completed all indicators and content production;

● Operation period: May-July 2021;

● 77 works released;

● More than 130w likes;

● Several single video plays in the millions

2 Months

Operation Period


Play Volume On All Platforms


Increase In Fan Base

Seeking Teacher

Siege and Plunder Handicraft

Account type: Tripartite number >> Official number

"An erudite historian who knows the past and the present"

Taking the historical background in the game as the theme, overview of the past and the present, attracting fans to convert with a unique historical perspective

Data feedback

● Excellent completion of various indicators and content production during the operation period

● Operation period: June - December 2019;

● Over 715W likes in six months

● 103 updated contents in total

6 Months

Operation Cycl

200 Million+

Play Volume On All Platforms


Fan Increase

Little Rate Talking Three Kingdoms

NetEase SLG Product "Rate of Land

Account type: three-party number

"Uncle with great knowledge of the history of the Three Kingdoms"

Famous battles of the Three Kingdoms period, Three Kingdoms folk culture, Three Kingdoms character stories, Three Kingdoms weapons and equipment

Data feedback

● Operation time: 2019.10.20-2020.10.20

● Jieyin TOP pendant category Three Kingdoms account

● Total number of works: 294

● Still has about 1.5 million fans since it stopped working

560 Million+

Total Plays

15.32 Million+

Total Number Of Likes

1.57 Million+

Number Of Fans